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Recycling Policy

NGK Berylco is consistently monitoring any environmental regulations to ensure the compliance of our products to our customers. Our company is committed to continuous improvement to which all employees are commited. Our aim is to manage our environmental impacts, to act responsibly and actively participate in protecting the environment today and tomorrow. A precise and rigorous systematic recycling of all waste generation such as metal working oils, acids, water cooling, etc. is established.  

Recycling material

Beryllium-copper is a sustainable material

It can be 100% recycled without altering its unique characteristics.

Recycling beryllium-copper means protecting the environment with:

Beryllium-copper alloy scrap can be directly recycled back to produce new alloy, attractive from both economic and energy conservation point of view. The pure beryllium metal components used in technological applications can be easily recycled.

NGK Berylco Buys Scrap

We gladly buy any of our own scrap and we also purchase other scrap beryllium and copper alloys based on our requirements.

Please see our Terms and Conditions and feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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