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NGK Berylco France is specialised in the manufacture and marketing of copper-beryllium alloys such as strips, plates, rods, wires, plates and lingots. NGK Berylco France is also specialised in copper-nickel-tin alloys, in form of strips (GMX).

NGK Berylco France continually followed a quality policy to ensure high-end final products that would meet the highest customer demands. This quest for quality and customer satisfaction allows NGK BF to produce strip, bars and wires at a very high precision ranging from a few millimetres to a few microns.

Our copper-beryllium alloys are specifically processed by the most modern equipments, either in strips, in our laminated workshop or in rods and wires in our Rod & Wire workshop.

NGK Berylco France is also in charge of the promoting and distribution of its high-end products in Europe and worldwide, being supported in the European market place by our sister companies in England (NGK Berylco UK LTD)* and Germany (NGK DEUTSCHE BERYLCO GmbH)**, and by a wide representative network of distributors in the rest of Europe (see our page NGK Worlwide).

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