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Safety tools products

Lifetime Warranty

NGK Berylco manufactures a complete line of more than 500 safety tools. Each is backed by our full lifetime warranty. If a Berylco Tool breaks or fails to perform under normal use or service, we will promptly repair or replace it free of charge. Exceptions are defects arising from mis-use or abuse, and normal wear in service.

Berylco Tools are Safe

Normal daily use and handling of Berylco Safety Tools presents no known health hazards to your workers. If you have questions or concerns about employing beryllium copper tools in your operation, please feel free to call our local safety representative.

Safety tools uses

Nonsparking tools in

Nonmagnetic tools in:

Corrosion Resistant tools in:

• Petroleum Refining

• Petrochemicals

• Chemical Industry

• Explosives and Pyrotechnics

• Paint, Varnish Manufacturing

• Pharmaceuticals

• Aircraft Plants

• Tankers and Shipyards

• Mining Industry

• Warehouses for Volatile Materials

• Gas and LPG Transportation

• Electrical Machinery

• Electronic Industry

• Computer Manufacturing

• Communication Equipment Manufacturing

• Magnetic Tape Manufacturing

• Food Production Manufacturing

• Synthetic Fibber Manufacturing

• Breweries and Distillery