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NGK Berylco France, located in Couëron (France), near Nantes, positions itself undoubtedly since 1971, as a world leader in the field of processing high-precision strips, wires and bars in copper-beryllium alloys responding to very specific requirements. NGK BERYLCO France, UK and Germany are subsidaries of the NGK INSULATORS, LTD group, based in Nagoya, Japan

NGK Berylco’s image for a customer is primarily a service in correspondence to a specific need much more than a supplier of transformed copper-beryllium alloy. Each customer requires not only service and performance at the lowest cost, but more importantly a perfect match to a specific use and an advice according to its own market place.

The perpetual involvement of NGK Berylco from a technical and human know-how point of view of its employees over many years allows NGK to meet the needs of its customers and to be a trusted partner.

The copper-beryllium alloy can offer an appropriate response to all the specific requirements and often extreme applications in fields as diverse as connectors, electronics, watches, automobiles, telecommunication, complex mechanical or aeronautics.

NGK Berylco’s key success have certainly not changed much: constant adaptation to the market needs, a partnership of trust for innovator customers, adaptation of its line of production to stay competitive, and anticipation of market developments.

Beyond copper-beryllium BERYLCO alloys, NGK Berylco proposes now copper-nickel-tin GMX alloys, which can have interesting performances for certain applications.

About NGK

Thanks to its seriousness, its unique experience and continuous improvement of its management system, our NGK Berylco plant meets all the requirements set by its customers and to the ISO 9001, EN 9100, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, which demonstrates its responsible and proactive quality and environmental management policy.

These certifications demonstrate our ongoing concern to achieve the best expectations of our customers by controlling our activity, our suppliers and customer feedback.