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Spring Properties and Miniaturization

Beryllium copper alloys have high mechanical strength and a favourable elastic modulus, which makes them highly suitable as a spring material.

In general, if this value is too large, the contact pressure varies greatly with the slight movement of the contact. If this value is too small, the required contact pressure cannot be obtained.

Since the YS/Young's modulus of beryllium copper is larger than that of stainless steels and phosphor bronze, a large displacement and a high contact pressure can be obtained.

By fully utilizing such properties of beryllium copper alloys, the size of a part with the same spring pressure can be reduced if it is made of beryllium copper alloys compared with phosphor bronze.

Molds or terminals around moving parts can be downsized, leading to the reduction of total product costs.

Since beryllium copper has a mechanical strength as high as 1500 N/mm², the use of beryllium copper makes the pin pitch smaller, and even a connector of the same size and shape can be designed to higher density, reducing the cost per pin compared with phosphor bronze.

The use of beryllium copper in jacks enables the reduction of size and weight. This decreases the amount of materials used and reduces costs for plating.

When the total costs are compared, the use of beryllium copper is beneficial over the use of phosphor bronze.

Reliability, high electrical & mechanical performances, miniaturisation and economic!

The elastic modulus is usually the modulus of longitudinal elasticity, and is also known as Young's modulus. This value is obtained from the slope of strain against stress measured by a tensile test. In addition to the above test, the elastic modulus can be measured directly for flat springs.

The elastic modulus is an important constant for the design of moving parts for connectors and switches.

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