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Copper-beryllium alloys are mainly based on copper with a beryllium addition. High strength copper-beryllium alloys contain 0.4 - 2 % of beryllium with about 0.3 to 2.7 % of other alloying elements such as nickel, cobalt, iron or Lead. The high mechanical strength is achieved by precipitation hardening or age hardening. NGK Berylco products are available in strip, plate, rod, tube and wire forms.

We also offer copper-nickel-tin alloys (GMX range in strip form) which can meet the most demanding specifications in terms of temperature resistance, friction, corrosion.

Generally, stronger spring material are harder to process.

Beryllium Copper has good formability and good spring properties.

B25 hardenable material can achieve complex shape and high strength springs.

The best combination of mechanical and electrical properties

The copper-beryllium alloys processed by NGK Berylco offer a wide combination of mechanical and electrical properties which is unique for copper alloys. The mechanical strength achieved after heat treatment ranks highest amongst all the copper alloy materials and is combined with a high electrical conductivity which outperforms that of bronzes.

Our alloys combine a range of properties particularly suited to meet the exacting requirements of many applications in the automotive, electronic, aeronautical, Oil&Gas, watch, electro-chemical industries, etc. Beryllium Copper is widely used in those fields as contact springs in various applications like connectors, switches, relays, etc. NGK offers a variety of Beryllium Copper alloys in several tempers to cover different applications.

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High strength & electrical conductivity

The users can get several advantages by working with copper beryllium alloys such as its easy fabrication (i.e. machining or forming) and the simplicity of obtaining the desired final properties by a low temperature heat treatment. This makes copper beryllium the most flexible, essential, and versatile of all copper based alloys.