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Die-casting improvement!

The copper-beryllium patented C-Block Chill-Vent is designed & made by NGK.

Event & Simplification - Chill-Vents are often used in association with permanent moulds for die casting light metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Only one alloy, beryllium copper, can provide both the hardness and thermal conductive properties required for use as a chill vent in aluminium and/or magnesium die-casting.

NGK Chill-Vent provides solutions to the following die casting problems

Reduces gas hole defects due to poor gas flow

Prevents eruption of aluminium from dies

Eliminates aluminium/vent reactions

Eliminates need for external air ventilation equipment

Simplifies die design to reduce mold size

Simplifies ventilation control in vacuum systems

Compactness - With 5 times the cooling rate of steel, NGK beryllium copper C-blocks provide for optimization of die design which allows for reduction in mould size and maximisation of die space.

Cost Performance - Overall reduction of production costs are achieved through drastically minimizing the causes of casting rejections and metal losses normally associated with "flashing".

Combination - C-Block is available in various combinations and configurations for both non-vacuum and vacuum die casting systems.

The NGK R&D department can help you to realise and produce the Chill-Vents required to your needs.

NGK Copper Alloy has the following advantages

Offers superior thermal conductivity and hardness

Offers 5 times the cooling rate of tool steel

Allows extremely large cross section

Eliminates aluminum/vent reactions

Design & Advantages C-Block Variation Die-Casting Chill-Vent Design Chill-Vent Type


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