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Beryllium metal presents a unique combination of physical and mechanical properties, incomparable with other metals.

Its high permeability of X-ray is applied for X-ray generator's apparatus, its high-speed sound transmission for diaphragms in speakers, its lightweight and strength in the aviation and the space field, and its nuclear special property in the nuclear energy industry.

Due to its perfect X-ray transparency, beryllium is essential in the production of X-ray windows.

The use of pure beryllium metal is therefore essential in medical imaging (mammography, medical laser scanners, Computed Tomography CT scan, Optical Coherence Tomography OCT, etc.) as well as in airport security control systems.

Please see our brochure dedicated to X-ray windows and mirrors in pure beryllium metal:

We produce and supply articles in pure beryllium: windows, tiles, pebbles, mirrors … Do not hesitate to consult us!

Beryllium, the fourth element of the periodic table, was discovered by Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin (France) in 1798. The etymology of its name comes from the Greek "Beryllos", beryl ore. Beryllium has a sweet taste, hence its first name "glucinium", from the Greek glikys, meaning sweet.

Beryllium is a natural element extracted from the soil. In nature, it is mainly found in the form of oxides or aluminosilicates, the best-known precious representatives of which are emerald and aquamarine.

Beryllium is a steel-gray metal extracted from around thirty ores, mostly bertrandite and beryl. It has the highest melting point of all light metals (1287 ° C). It is a third lighter than aluminum and six times stiffer than steel. Very corrosion-resistant, it also has a high tensile strength and an excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is non-magnetic and permeable to X-rays.

Pure Beryllium metal has unique physical and mechanical properties

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